CodeNekt will revolutionize
the automotive sector with Web3 technologies​

We offer you the opportunity to participate in the adventure now with our NFTs collection!

We imagined a collection of NFTs representing the main parts of a car.
Imagine that you can build a unique model by choosing rims, calipers, steering wheel, engine, bodywork… got it

phase 1: the rims!

What do you notice immediately on a car? Its rims of course! This is the start of the CodeNekt NFT collection.


Collect the NFTs and try to win the Supreme NFT which will be the last mint of the collection: the DREAM CAR 🏎.


Sell your NFTs to those who want to collect the other coins. It’s up to you to choose your side!


You will receive the equivalent of $100 in CDK tokens for each acquired NFT. Double rewarded!

Save your CDK tokens for staking. And if you prefer to speculate, resell them at the time of listing. More details here.